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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  June 6, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the simple joy of keepin' it cool. baltimore. (16:28:42) this......!"why a motorist ran - into a brick wall when he triid to pay a speed camera tic. tickett the staae's biggest slots casino opens its doors.the way maryllnd-llve is gettingg things started. cool again tonight with a sl showers.when ww could start warming up aaaii, and the good news bout the weekend, in my skywatch forecast.. camera. "i left it there aught 3 didn't think anyone would take " it."the story behind this drunkennjooride. hello... i'm jeff barnd..nd i'm jennifer gilbert. gilbert.. they pumped 15- million dollars into city coffers last yearr... but tonight, there aae growing
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questions over the accuracy of speed cameras.... the... second time... this week, ... the... city admits... there's... another mistake.../.tonight... in... a story... in... a storyou're... sseing fox../. jeff abell... says ... ... its. ..testing the patience.. of many motorists. motorrsts. (16:25:45) (latoure) pit was unbelievabll how bungled the prooess was....." when noel latoure felt the sting of a speed camera , there was never a dispute.... he was 14-over the limit.... and prepared to pay 0 out of his pocket. online tried to ay it and it listed no records ffund...." when the city 's ebsite latoure mailed a check....and the city mailedd it right baak. (16:22:49) "i got a ticket and they're tellinn me no you don't have a ticket when i'm physically h olding a ticket innmy hand. it was mind-bbggling...." it turns outthis zip code was omitted from the ticket..... and withouu a zip code, the ticket wasn't entered into city ecords. city officials call it an extreme anomaly.... but he problems surrounding the
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city's speed camera program are growingg this week, the city refunded 3- thousand tickets which were wrongly issued from a camera here at wabash and rogers aveeue. the address of the alleged offenne. (06-04--2) think they got that. i don't got it all fouled up like &pthat. but its not right and three months earlier, this camera near harbor hospital....was ticketing motorists based on the wrong tickets.... the same was - were wronnly ticketed by a camera along the alamedd..... it was also clocking motooists at the wrong speed (abell pkg) "the number of errors is lesssthan ooe percenn of all violations so we regret the inconvenience ciiations." (16:28:42) (latoure) "i mman i've spent but for noel latture, who producer, he's still holding onto his ticket...and struggling to find a pay....
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p11::8:53) "you should not have to ssend hours trying to track down and pay a tickee....!" jeff abell, fox 45, news attten.... tonight, a sppkeswoman with "triple a" is expressing serious concerns about the program.....after dozens of motorists have complainnd about speed camera mistakes. jury sellction... finished.../ in... the trial... of... former... assistant... jerry sandusky.../// 12... jurors ... four alter. alternates. sannusky... left... the court house this evening.../ the.... &pretired... penn state - professor.. and... a.. peen state student.../ sandusky''... p accused of over... 15 .. years...//. he... p denies... the charges.../. opening... statements... are set... for... monday. huguely say he should get - another trral trialhuguely was convicced of killing cockeysvilleenative yeaadley love.his attorneys say prosecutors knewá that love's mother and sister were planning to file a civil suit against huguely.and ttey say, that shows the family members
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had a clear financial bias, and should never have testifiid.the judge is expected to make a decision by the end of the month police... need your helpp... identifying the man... in... these photos... and video.../. he... ran... from the scene... of an attacc... in annapolis... last month.../.a... when... a man.. allegedly... pulled her... intooan alley... on... duke of gloucester street..../ and... sexually assaulted her.../.anyone... with information.. call police. the 21-year-old baltimore man who used soocal media websites to find his victiis has been sentenced to 50 years in prisoo. crime and justice reporter... joy lepola.. tells us how personal information...on video game con. consoles...led to the killer. killer. 3 syrrn abdullah ... plead robbery. it follows the and - fatal stabbing of (yah-muh) johma blackwell...a teenagee who was found with 32 stab
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wounds toothe her head, arms and torso. evidence including the victim's wii and xbox led detectives tt abdullah. -&tra also found on the killer'' shoes. police say the case highlights the danger of &ppn scial networking websites this is what family members year following abdullah's arrest arrest this was a horrible think that he did and if they can't find room in the jail systtm for him they need to kill him a slow pianful death. and i will never forgive him ffr that. detectiies later found the which led them to abdullah who confessed to the murder. joy lepola fox 45 news aa ten 3.. bel---ir... pire-fighters... could... be firee.../ after... making... threating cooments ánotá receiving... a discount.. at... a restaurann.after.. the ...first post on facebook.../otherr.. firefighters apparently... replied..../ some.. said... the "sonic"... would get... a delayed
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responss... if... there was... a fire.../ someone ...should set ...the dumpster ... on pire.../. volunteer... fire chief... eddie hopkins... says... this is... unacceptable. this... is... james robinson...//.a... ormer... baltimore county employee.../ in 2004... he... claimed... he was too injured to work../ . and... started receiving... a pension... and disaaility... payments...// you... can see... he's pruning... some branches..../this.. viddo ... convicted him... of... felony theft.../. he... agreed dollars.... and of... the 300-thousand... in paymentss...he pn... he lass,....8 years.../. he... faces... new developments in the caseeof tte 7-year-old boy who was injured in a cab ride to school... tonight.. we take a closer look aa a policy that's being called dangerous.. but legal. keith daniels, live in east baltiiore where one child safety grouu.. is speaking out.. ...on a story you saw first on foxkeith. keith. jennifer... middle of the johns hopkins
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hospital complee...... safety group is located right - behind me.. ..........and tonight.. advocates thereeare questioning the safety of transporting students in cabs. cabs. &pp at the johns hopkins children's safety center inside the bloomberg hampton talking taxis aad ssaa belts. eillen mcdonald.....(ms. mcdonald) "our ppiority is to keep kids safe, no matttr how they're being transported.." the groop's co-director... connerred now after hearing abbut7-year--ld douglas dorsey's story.. the &psecond grader injureddin that cab, hired by baltimore city schools, that wrecked monday morning on the way to school. doctors say the oy &psuffered a concussion, after hitting a glass partition inside the cab. and the father learned hissson was not wwariig a seat belt.. believe it. everytime i think about it i jjss plaa it back in my head ann i say why was he not wearing a seat belt?"
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((m. mcdonald) "it's an issue &pthat doesn't have an easy solution to it, but ceetainly baltimore city puulic schools - contracts ith yellow cab to help providd transportation managers say the company is ttansportation for over 700 children, many of them special needs students. company managers say taxis, likk school buses, under maryland law.. are exempt from up. safety advocates call it a dangerous circumstance.(ms. mcdonald) "it's our responsibility aa adults, as teachers, as administrators, olice officers, doctors to look out for safety and to make decisions and policies thaa priorities the safety of children." school officials have not returned our alls for a comment. they've said accident..... ann noww no response about the seat belt concerns. live in east baltimore.. keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. exppct... maaoo
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delays ...this summer .../ as... a... 4---million dollar... constructiin project.. gets... underway... at the harbor tunnel.../. beginning.. june 20..., drivers... willlsee... major delays... up to... an hour.../ as... crews replace... decking... onn.. a bridgg... south of the 8-95 tunnel ... toll plaza...//. the.. worst... will cooe... in... of august, .../ lanes... will be closed.../. drivers... should use... the francis scott keyybridge.../ or... fort mchenry tunnel ...insttad. gamblingg. is....expanding i maryland... . tonight..its the grand opening karen parkssis streaming live where the celebration is underway.karen? 3 n our question of the day we
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are asking: do.. you think... maryland's casinos... should be allowed.. to our facebookpage...this look a discussion is gging on riggt now...most of you say maryyand should add table games... but discussion by going to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore 3 ""hyywould you pay $2- something, when you can ay .80" .80?" clippinggthe couponss.. is just the beginnnng.the extra things to look for... to save even more our cover story... cops pull up... on a drunkthe crime that ssarted the joyride...later on fox45 convinced he would have been
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eaten alive" alive" but next...the murder victim.. the story of n 3 another person... who sayy he was attacked by the same an... after the break ♪
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where they want, when they want. fly nonstop service from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg and charleston. book all of our destinations online only at book all of our destinations online a morgaa state studdnt attackee with a baseball at wrappee in barbed wire.... he now wonders if is situation could have beennmuch worse. the accused attaccer from
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that assault... is the same mannwho admits to killing and &pthen eating the body parts of &phis roommate.kathleen caarns has more on he latest deeelopments in his case... 3 poshua ceasar has permanentll losttsight in one eye... after being ttacced at a dormm at morgan state universitt may 22th... the attacker used a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. (josh's attorney)"as soon as josshwalked into the ssite he got wacked in the side of the head.. shattered his skull.. shattered his left rbit of his eye... thh accuseddattacker: alex kinnua. (wider)"josh remembers seeing looking up and seeing an who he thought was his friend holding a knifee ver him.. " two other roommates interrupteddthe attack . (close n face)"josh ii convinced he woull have been eatee alivee 10 days after kinyua was arrrsted ffo attacking josh.. kinyua was arrested again...this time for murdering hissroommate..
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his own admittaace, advised us that he did eat paats of the victim, specifically parts of happened to hhm if he had not attorney)"here is someone he was cordial wiih friendly with trusted ..attacked him piolently and was going to kill him..dismember him and consume him... literally consume him its a nightmare from a stephen king movie." (cairns)"after the may20 attack.. out onnbail.. satanic messages mysteriously turned up at morgan state.. theyve since been cleaned off but stuuents are somehow connected." kinyua ad been in deceeber 2011 he was kicked (attorney)"a very reputable to in rotc program reported - 2... p---g... county pollce offiiers... under investigation... in charlls county.../ for... allegedly... assaulting a teen.../ to... "teach him a l" lesson." they... werr... off duty... in &pwaldorr.../ when... p they... allegedly stopped... 3--teens.... a... resident... said... they stole items... from... a... house.../.one teen... saas... he was tacklee,... handcufffd... and... driven away.../.the... ttee... says... his handcuffs were removed.../ had to lean on a fence... and... count... to... 00. i waa afraad they would shoot much stuff going thhough my hea. rove off.../.the... a. teen says... he was never
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he was detained why... - a man is sentenced to more thaa 100 years in prison for brutal a carjacking. carjacking.terrell scoot kidnapped the victim near a restaurant in park heights in may 2010.scott and two others back seat... and triid to withdraw money from his bank account.the man was dumped in an alley, stripped of his clothes, ann shot... then his survived and ran to a nearby m - houseefoo help.scott s the the crime. mayor ... stephanie rawwings-blake... ays... thhngs are... under control ... downtown.../ but...another ... state lawmaker... pooice... to... help...//this... time... the request... comes... from a democrat..../ democrat..../the beating.. at... courthouse east... on st. patrick's day... case... e ttat... led... republican pat mmdonough .. to... call forr.. state police intervention.../.now.. baltiiore county democrat ...jim brochin.. is... doing... the "the state police have amazing resources well trained... coorrinated efforttdowntown feel safe you go to work tourist cites pollce wall to wa"
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police... are doing aafine job,,... but... he says... thhy're stretched too thin. the victims of a former convicted of child her molestttion returned tt the schooo tonight wwere the crimes took place. p3&myranda stephens is live in south baltimore - with more on &ptheirrsearch for healing and justice. for decades....this building thh ictimssof conviited child molester, john merzbacher. but tonight... they traveled from all ovee the country to come back hhrr for peace... and to conttnue their fight for justice. 3 &pnats of vigil it was a school reunion of sorts. but nstead weee rappd, and sodomized and 3
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tortured in that littlee wo story eight room schoolhouse behind us 24students from the former catholic communitt piddle schoollof south baltimore... gathered in front pf the school for a candlelighttvigil.most arr victims of johnnmmrzbacher... a former teacher t the school and convicted child moleeter. 3721 we're coming to pray tonight for healing and for peeae, and to show our strength thattwe willlnot rest until john merzbacher spends the resttof his life in jail 30 merzbacher was convicted in 19-95 of raping former student sentenced to four life s terms... but filed an appeal. in 2010, a federal judge ruled he must be given an opportunity to accepp a 10-year plee deal.a deal is former defense attorneys allegedll didn't offer im at the timee 43:43 i was abused right here on these grounds by him and he hurt a lot of people 48 steven melnick traveled all the way from califorria. he says the thought of merrzacher being
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freed... is more than admitted ggult..and noww they're ready to honor this 17 years later. i don't beliive itts right 11 tte victims may have hope.prosecutors could still pursue merzbacher crimiinlly for the 13-other allegee victims -who dropped their cases against him after he was convicted in murphy's case. nats of murphh!!!!it's the hope for murphy... who at &p51-years-old... is still dealing with the pain. 3847 i can't restore my childhood but stand wiih other victims inn solidarity and say that we will not rest until john his life in jail aad never the state toher child 59 - 3&pattorney's office legal brief last month ith against merzbacher's possible plea deal..merzbacherr' attorney plans to file a brief on behalf of his client on or before june 14th. an... private... accused in thh
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biggest leak... in... u-s hiitorr.../ will... spend... more time in court. court. bradley mmnning... walked... into the courthouse... this morning.../. the... judge... will double....the number ...offpretrial hearings... for... anning... ábeforeá... his september... trial begins.../.manning's.. lawyers... want.. 10 of tte 22 charges... / manning's... enemy ... by... causing... thousands of classified documents.. to be published.../ 3 on ... wikileaks..- wisconsinn governor scott walker survives an attempt to throw him out of oofice.and now tte talk tonight... is what does it mean foo the race for the wwite house. &pdemocratic challenger, mayor tom barrett of milwauuee, by seven poinns.walker took on labor unions - becoming a hero to many taxppyers.but opponents call it union
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busting.and maryland governor martin o'malley was weighing in the national stage about wisconssn. o'malley says: "i think there's a dynamic that's set off when yyu roll back women'ss rights, you roll byyvoting rs' - rights, there is a dyyamic whee you pit people against each other." 3 walker's solid victory setss he stage for what many pressdentiallbattle. presideet obbma carried wisconsin by almost 15 points in 2008. while... the... pupreme court....weighs thee &pleealiiy... of... "obama-care".../ many... maryyand... bussness owners ... still wonder... how... it'll... impact them..... one... owner... tells melinda roeder.../ this... could have... serious implicatioos....// pnless the law is repealed. the mays chapee swim club... lifeguards keep careful watch over kids in the pool.but their bbss....ii keeping a close watch on his bottom line. 13:17:32 "it is government rrgulation at the umpth degree."david watts owns d-r-d 13:07:422"some of them work .-
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over 30, some of them work staadup 13:00:28 -42á13:00:52 care guidelines."13:09:52 ""f they average more than 30 hours a week for mmre than 90 days, then yyu must offer them insurance."he says the so- called obama-care... is costing him a lot of caah. first.. he had to hire attorneys to help figure ouu the new law.and because he's company issso big during peak- &pseason... nearly all his automaticclly enrolled in his &pinsuranceeplan. it'... even though many workers already parents - or another full-time pmployer.opting them all out... will be an administraaive ightmare. 13:12::2 "and the reporring reeuirements to the federal government are mind-boggling." but suuporters of &pobamm-care... say it's worth the hassle.13:24:52-59 "any paw that expandd health carr... is a great law." viincent demarco epresents coalition. and he'' counting on the surpremm court to uphold the new law.13:22:53
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"we don't think the supreme court's gonna take away peoples' health care... diiaster for america."but some parts offit repealed.he - believes small and seasonal businesses will be hhamed... and cutbacks could be inevitable.(cover?) 13:15550 "pretty disheartening. very dishearteeing."melinda &proeder... fox 45 nnwssat ten. watts state lawmakers... to - pllad his ase. beautiful dayu today nice puffy clouds... clouds... here's chief meteorloogist vytaa reid with a looo at the ft forecast 3 3 p, "i left it there didn't think
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anyone would take it.. itt" a man ccuued of driving drunk in a mooorized wheell chair.the other harge he's facing tonight.. "oh yeah we can buy this now. " "bbt next...clipping coupons... is just the beginning...the months you sshull look for certain deals the best pricc..after the break
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ssooping!"she never buys chicken breast at the usual these salls come up about once a month because i look at those sales ads. so i just wait. ww eat chiiken until we run out offchicken and then i buy it again for 1.99." (reporter: "one and the cans, all for free.")"so by waiting and holding on to this coupon, i'm getting three items foo two dollars."stores heavily times of the year-(nats))aking (nats)barbecue and salad dressings in the beginning of summer.(nats)that's when you stock up:"my ccuppn is save a dollar off of 2 and they're on sale for a dollar, so i'm going to get each for 50 cents, which is fine. i'm going to use probably the whole thing."(reporter: "fiffy cents for barbecue sauce.") "that's pretty good."by the way she's not just a mommwho's really good at this.""hy would you pay $2-something, when you can pay .80?""before i was a administration at a id grant university..."((atss"i had to run budgetsson millions of dollars...."(nats)"try and use
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american visionary. in his 70-year career, he predicted the arrival of pboadcasting a high-speed police chase live to an decades ahead of heir time. ray bradbury wws 91. several .... philadelphia police officers... are under arrest.. caught on - tape. cell phone video.. shows them... p trying... to arrest... an 18-yeaa-old man.../.they.. the cruiser... while... an officerr.. hits him 6 times with a baton..../ forccd... to the ground... puts his foot on the man's head... and... he'sshit with the baton... claim... he resisted - arrest..../ his.. family says... he was beaten ... to the oint... where he needed stitches...// singleton says: "it seems police are abusing badges, power they have because they have it." 33 3ramsee says::"he was definateey resisting arrest force to take erson into custody butthow mmch is too much we have to deeermine." 3
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3& th off street ddty... 3this is one yyu have to see!a michigan man uspected of driving drunk is pulled over wheelchair. a stolen utica police caught raymound kulma going on a drunken joyride. but as you can see from this police dashcam video, he wasn't ehind a wheel of a car -- he was cruising on motorized wheel chair - he stole it from pames konkel outside of a senior living complex, after the two got into an argument. i thinkkhe needssto be locked it will teach him a esson. 3 the guyywas three times the legal limit.this was his 7th d-u-i.he hasn't had a valid driver's licencse since 1993. the ... first... black graduute... from the... naval academy... is... buriedd.. at &phis... alma mater... mater... lt.... cmdr. wesley brown, ... died
10:37 pm
last month... at the age of service... took placc... chapel..../ brown's.. famiiy... also donated... his class ring..../ to.. the academy.../ native..., grrduated from the academy.... in 19499 veteranss.. hooor... maryland vets....on d-day ... with a special... mmlitary tribute... tribute...six militaay veterans-- whose service spans &pfive decades-- were laid to rest today in baltimorr county. paul gessler takes us there. there. 3áápkgáá 3 yea, though i wwlk through the vallly of the shadow oo death, staff they comfort me.for six veterans... 12.38.30-35 (sigh) i didn't want it to happen this way, no. and their families... 12.27.31-36 sir, this ffag is grateful ation, tte president
10:38 pm
of the unittd states and the a time to salute their loved ((salute, walk away, wipe ,, - tear))a day not easy, but comfo. comfortingg reallyy what's ttnglibly left of him. hhi. i can't think of anything years of military service in the army, that makes me feel any better than cut) doing this.this is a dddication for a final rrsting pllce at druid ridge cemetery in pikesville. military vets-- not killed inn action--((nats::21-gun sallte)) but, still, receiiing military ) : 12.48.42--3 that's when the tears starttd coming is when tapp started. it's a saa song and it just kind of brought it not to, but it brooght it all home.: 13.00.44--3 to havv someone close close being honored in such a humbling wayy was really, really a privilegg. prrvilege.: 12.49.39944 it was well worth it. and, he would have been tickled pink if he was still here.((nat interment))a final restiig
10:39 pm
place beside fellow veterans. &p: 12.41.50-54 (pause) i'mmgla here.: 12.39..4-58 oh yeah, it's my last goodbye to him, you know. (pause)in baltimore news at 10ul gessler, fox45 - 3 3
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3 3
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get you a good rate.the tools you can use... to get rock- bottom prices at good hotelss.. in ten minutes on fox45 news at ten a professional networking amount of passwords breached attlinked-in......and how yyu can check if yours was one of -pthemafter the break
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take the speed test now at back to a story we tried to newscastkaren parks is is newsct opening for the mmryland-live &pcasino next to arundel mills
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mall. karen? karen?
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a... major breach.../ on the social networking site... linked-ii. reportt in onight's word on the web, more than 6 million passwords have been leaked onli. online. 3 3 if your on linked in, listen acceesed your information. information. russian hackees released a week, and today security his pesearchers identified their ppoppe use the siie for professionaa networking..... but their accounts are apparently proteted by a very weak security system.the 6.5 million encoded passwords were forum..... today roughly half of them had already been decoded and reposteddthe pompany confirmed in a blog post late this afterroon that correspond to linkedin words accounts.they did not offer any information about how tte passwords were stolen or the extent of the damage, but said
10:49 pm
&pthey're "continuing to investigate" 3 the good news is thattso far, no user names have been discovered in the listt you should change your password right away, but after that you shhuld be carrie peirce and thats yyur word on the web. there a tool where you can check to see if your password was hacked.go to fox-baltimore dot com slash newslinks 3 the trail of damage... caused by a runaway tirehow it smashed through a conference pox45 nees at ten0 minutes on - ...and the ttol you can use to get a deal on a hotel room......even if you're booking at the last mmnute... after the break
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get ttff, go too enway..they have played very well there.... were looking to go 7-0 in s year.. this year...- josh beeket was throwing a peauty for bostonn..still scoreless in the 6tt, but robert andino slaps this one into right...wilson betemit afterr6......and that was all - wei yen chen was gonna need...he threw a bbauty, too...scattering 7 hiis in 7 innings, giviig up just one run and striking out four..getting marlin byrd &pjohnson blew his first save o the year last night, but he got it done tonnght...striking out daniel nava to end
10:53 pm
it...birds win 2-1...tampaa ay lost, so the o's sit along ptop the al east. this saturday, they''e looking to make history at belmontt park...i'll have another will attempt to become tte first horse in 34 yeaas to win all phree jewels offthe triple crow. crown... seee here winning the preakness a couple weeks back, i'll have another was today installed as theefavorite to win the bblmont stakes this odds,,,dullahan, who skipped e - the preaaness after finishing third at the derby, is the second choice at 5-1, union rags, who also skipped tghh at 6-1..., is the 3rd choice the ravens are warpping up their final ota of the spring ...morgan adsit spent ther afternopon in owings mills....her report coming up at 11:30 as sports unlimited continues.... 3 hotel rates... are heading up. the average rate for a roommis expected to top 100 dollars ttis year, according to consumer reports. but its latest hotel survey finds a
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you far less. megan gilliland... explains... / if... you have.. champagne... taste.../ consumer reports .../ can help you... save.. too! too! finding a nice hotel room at a great ate can take some work.. consumerrreports' tod mmrks says these days a good ppace to start is withhthe hotel's website. (sot)"hotels have taken back the night by that is, find an advertised priie lower anywhere else and we'll match it plus giie you a bonus." (v/o)ss book at the hotellsite... then keep looking nline for a cheaper ssecial deall on hotel sitee - like "up o 20% offf and "complimentary parking."(sot: bottom drop dead low rate, do what i do. use otwire,, priceline's name your own price proggam, orruse trrvelocity's top secret hotels. ttey don't reveal the name of the hhtel unnil after you've committed to purchasinn that room for a ggven night."
10:55 pm
(v//)however, it can lead to big bargains! on hotwire, tod booked a roommat what tuuned out to be the james - a high-end hotel in chicago. the rate - 1333dollars a night. the best rate the hotel or any other site offered was 234 dollars!and whill budget hotels are the cheapest place to stay, consumer reports says some are no bargain. its survey of almost 23-thhusand subscribers found americas best value inn among the worst. a much etter bet - top-rated microtel inn and suutee - where rooms can go for as little as 59 dollars. (sot: tod marks)"they offer decent upkeep, they''e clean, and check-in, most of tte time, it's a snap!" consummr reports says if you caa't plan ahead and need to booo a hotel for the saae night, there are ways tt savv there, too. a free app for smart phones called hotel tonnght shows deals oo hotels innsome 30 cittes. you can in the hotel's time zone.
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megan gilliland, fox45 news at ten. &p the tire off the truck goes round and round... all phru the town... but residents didn't think it was as cute.. as theesong we never ttre of do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is.
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i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself, and so college was a dream when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was gonna do it, but i knew i was gonna get that opportunity one day,
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runaway tiress.. tires... apparently... a run-away tire had a field &pday in florida... floridaa.. william harvey... lost his tire... on... hi-way.... 75... in ocala.../. it... went off ...the overpass ...ooto aaother highway below.../ &psmashing.. this car.../. the... driver... was badly shaken.../ but... escaped ...major injury...//.. crazed tire... kept rrlling... to... the nearby ramada inn../ .where it... barged into... a... conference room... / justtheading... for the refreshment table... &p for ssme cookies... all of a sudden one of the members said look ut and right at that point something large and black came right by my side, scratched against my leg, messed up my pants.. pants." he... pretty much... obliterated..../ william... harvey... lost 3 tiressalready in 20--12... he... really been a... s hasn't - good--year.../// and... he's "treading lightly"


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